Be Happy about the Unexpected!

Life happens while were making other plans. Those unexpected plans will make new experiences & memories!! You can learn from those unexpected plans! You can meet new people and acquire new ideas that you can use in the future. 

*Don’t be mad about the unexpected better yet be happy for it!*

When you’re making plans always try to give yourself some flexible room for the unexpected! 

“Make a commitment to yourself to plan for unexpected events or happenings so that you’re making arrangements to fulfill the main goal you want to see completed.”

Always try to prepare yourself for what could happen or things that might go wrong. If you think about it, God is in no hurry & his plans are never rushed. The Lord is not the author of confusion. 

When planning for the unexpected always go in with an open mind. Opened to other options. Most the time our plans do not go as we had hoped for. So that’s a given! Be prepared for that & you will be less stressed in the long run. 

When it’s all said and done you will have a better outlook on Life and more than likely one good story to tell about your unexpected experiences!  

  Michele Lovelace, Life Coach   

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